A Way To Connect


Finding a course or a partner to play with can sometimes be difficult, especially while on the road. GolfX provides a platform for golfers to connect around the country to find a game, a course to play, and maybe even a new golfing buddy. 

GolfX is a social network that can enable you access to private golf clubs you otherwise may never have the opportunity to play. By allowing GolfX members to join you at your home course for the day, you may have the opportunity to join members around the country at their homes courses. Instead of relying on a business connection or a friend-of-a-friend, GolfX provides the opportunity for golfers to reach out directly to those interested in exchanging golfing adventures. 

Our company is based on trust and a welcoming spirit. We encourage all golfers to give it a try... you never know who you'll meet!


GolfX Team